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The 10 most exciting sports stories of last years

There are stories that excite and go beyond sports. They are stories of people who have faced their limits and who share a passion: sport. We tell you the stories that have excited us most.

The 10 most exciting sports stories

The woman who beat the fire and ended up finishing a Ironman

It surpassed 200 operations to recover from the burns in a forest fire and this year the Hawaii Ironman has finished.

Turia suffered burns in 65% of his body, lost half of his left foot and the fingers of that same hand. Of course they told her, she would not run again. “I was covered by bandages but inside of me I thought: I will run again and finish an Ironman.”

He has needed 200 operations (skin of his own body was used to avoid rejection, but despite this his main problem when competing is the perspiration and temperature of his body) but now he can already say that he is an iron woman, a true champion of the Ironman who gives us another unstoppable example that only what is not attempted is impossible.

Less than four hours in marathon with 85 years!

For us the most amazing record of the year was not made at the Rio Olympics: Ed Whitklock did it at the Toronto Marathon

Ed Whitlock was the first man to lose three hours in a marathon (he did 2:59:10 already 72 years old) but this October he did something even bigger in the marathon in Toronto (Canada). At 85, we were amazed at all of us running marathons down four hours in the 42’195 km (3:56:42). He broke the world record of that age for almost 40 minutes and that, as he said in the finish line, “in the middle of the course he didn’t have very good feelings”. What would I have been able to do if the sensations had been good!

He needed five days but he was finisher of a Half Marathon with paralysis from the waist

And I also manage to collect 10,000 pounds for the investigation of spinal injuries!

In 2007 a fall riding a horse left her paralyzed from the waist down. Claire Lomas has become with her acts an example of overcoming. The last one has been in one of the best known marathon media in the world, The North Great Run (which won the double Olympic champion Mo Farah).

Claire won the finisher medal after five days of march. He wore a revolutionary bionic suit called “ReWalk” and managed to raise £ 10,000 for the Nicholls Foundation dedicated to the investigation of spinal cord diseases.

Can one be an archer when he has no arms?

Matt’s, medalist in the Paralympic Games, is one of the best examples of “who wants, can.”

Four years ago in London was the great feeling. People could not imagine that this person without arms was going to compete in archery. But American Matt Stutzman, 33, won the silver medal by holding the bow with his right foot, to which he wore a kind of harness, and fired the arrow with his mouth at the disbelief of the spectators. In Rio he has not had so much fortune since he fell eliminated by a single point in the qualifying round.

The curious thing about his start in archery is that he did it because he wanted to take food home: “I had no job and was depressed. One day I had an idea, take a bow and hunt an animal to take it home with food. I put on Google how to hunt without arms with a bow and nothing came, so I did it with my own formula.

The “heart” of the Women’s Race

This Valencian has run all 8 tests and was even second in A Coruña months after being detected breast cancer.

In April 2015, Natacha raised her arms by proclaiming herself the winner of the Asturian Central Dairy Women’s Race in Valencia. I didn’t imagine that a few weeks later I was going to find a suspicious lump in one of her breasts that was going to involve her in an even more direct way in the fight against mom’s cancer. This year has completed the complete circuit of the 8 cities of the “pink tide”.

The runner that moved all of Seville

He arrived from Peru to achieve a place in the Paralympic Games and without arms he went down from 2:30 in the marathon. His image with a volunteer running beside him to give him a bottle of drinking is one of the most emotional of the year in sports.

Regarding his performance at the Zurich Marathon in Seville, the Peruvian Paralympic athlete commented that “it was my first marathon and although I had a lot of respect he had the confidence that I had trained him very well. I enjoyed a lot in the race. By the half marathon I was in 1h 14 ‘and I have come quite a whole until the end. I have gone from less to more. And I do not want to forget to thank a volunteer from Seville who has gone all the marathon near me to give me the water in the supplies. I followed with the bike and went ahead and then in each refreshment run by my side while helping me drink. Without him I would not have been able to achieve it and fulfill my dream of being in the Paralympic Games. “

The story of “Anna Courage”, the woman who gives up nothing

Her husband Oscar was hit by a truck while riding a bike. The driver did not even stop, but has not been punished since the law exempts the crime of denial of help if there is death on the spot. 180,000 people fight with her to change the law. We leave you a fragment of the text that he published on to appeal to his initiative:

“I have to confess something and make it public … Today I ran over a cyclist who was circulating in front of me, I was clueless changing the radio station, I got into the shoulder and I gave him. I think I killed him, I have not stopped to check it but, I think it didn’t move. I have the broken bumper, I will have to change it today, I like my car to be perfect. I know nothing will happen to me, if the Civil Guard finds me, nobody is going to prosecute and I won’t even pay anything, since my insurer will do it. Even in the worst case, they won’t take away my driving license …

Actually, that’s not me. This is what happened to my husband, Oscar. He was hit by a truck while riding a bicycle on the shoulder “

Finish a marathon with 100 years

This man who managed to be a marathon finisher with 100 years is going to take away all the complexes:

In the previous week of running his first marathon with 100 years he beat 8 world records for centenarians: the 100-meter (23’14 “, the 400 m (2’13”), 800 m (5’32 “), the one of 1500 m (11’27 “), the one of the mile (11’53”), the one of 3,000 meters (24’52 “) and the one of 5,000 meters (49’57”), all of them better than the record brands established in the lower age group (95 years).

The Bronwlee, brothers to the finish line

The image of Alastair carrying his brother Jonathan in the final of the Triathlon World Cup is one of the most incredible of the year. Should they have been disqualified? Was it imprudence or a gesture of love for your praiseworthy brother?

Surely you remember the controversy of the Brownlee brothers in the final of the World Triathlon Series in Mexico. In the last kilometer, when no one expects him, Jonathan suffered a tremendous faint and was hit by the duo that was chasing him: the South African Henri Schoeman and his brother Alastair who was watching him. While Henri threw himself for an unexpected victory Alastair took his brother Jonathan, totally gone, and literally took him by the shoulder to the finish line, where he ended up collapsing.