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Exercise Bikes, Cross Trainers, Treadmills, Benches, Rowing Machines, Multi Gyms – Catalog

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Cross TrainersorElliptical Trainersare a relatively new fitness concept – straight from the country that takes exercise more seriously than anywhere else, the USA.

Cross trainers are designed to deliver an upper and lower body workout that tones the muscles of the arms, chest, back, legs and buttocks. There is also a vital double benefit with cross trainers – they burn more calories whilst putting less stress on the joints.

Check out Priory Sports specially selected range. Cross trainers offer you the best all round fitness benefit of any piece of equipment.

Using atreadmillfor walking or running, means that you can measure your performance precisely, build in targets for motivation and ignore the weather outside.

Whatever your level of fitness, age or weight a running machine allows you to build your exercise levels at a pace to suit you. Treadmills are also perfect for those who like running.

All our motorised running machines carry a European Community Electromagnetic Compatibility Approval.

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Any of theseweight benches, usually combined withweights,is a good start to achieving a sculptured body through muscle fitness. All you need to add are a commitment to the right diet and sheer perseverance! But it’s not as hard as it’s sometimes perceived.

Two or three half hour sessions per week using weights bench are sufficient for achieving definite results rapidly, but don’t start without qualified advice on correct techniques to using your weight bench

These Priory Sports weight benches have been selected to offer the ideal solution whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trainer.

Since the outdoor rowing season is from April to October, the winter months are a great time to train indoors. Rowing using aroweroffers so many benefits, that few other exercises can match.

Rowing is an action, which involves all major muscle groups (back, torso, arms and legs) with no strain on the joints. This exercise makes you use all four of your limbs at the same time, which makes your calorie burning more efficient and much faster. It also strengthens your stomach, arms, shoulders and back. Good for someone looking for full-body workout.

A session on this machine is probably the best workout you can get. The greatest benefit that the exercise does not involve any impact on joints, such as running for example. Is an excellent way to maintain strength, cardiovascular fitness and overall good health. Its like having the feel of a health club machine at your home.  If you’re aiming for all-round fitness then rowing is probably the exercise you want. You’ll achieve improved heart function and relief from tension in the neck and shoulder area. Will also help you to lose weight and shape your body (can burn  more than 900 calories in a single one hour session  because they exercise larger muscle groups of both the upper and lower body regions).

Modern rowers, like those available from Priory Sports, come with electronic monitors to display time, repetitions, strokes per minute and calorie consumption. This can be a great way to keep track of your own progress and what you need for your own plan of attack.  Each of our machines offers a wide variety of benefits and features. How many and which features you need on your piece of fitness equipment depends on a couple of factors: how often you use it and what you are using it for. The question you need to answer is not which rower is the best, but which rower is the best for you.

As these machines tend to be more compact than other home gyms, require minimal space to use and can be stored stood up.

They’re something teens to senior citizens can use because they have little impact on the joints!

If you’re serious about training, or intend to be, thena multi-gymcould be the answer because it allows you to concentrate on achieving specific results for different muscle groups to end up with the body shape you want.

With a multigym it is a very simple to increase or decrease the weight of resistance, so whatever level of training you’re at, you want be overtaxed.

Most of the multi gyms here come with a training booklet or wallchart and make great home gyms, but it is important to take qualified advice if training on a multigym for the first time to avoid stress or injury.

Exercise bikes are a comfortable and convenient way to exercise at your own home.

They come in a variety of designs to suit all price ranges. There are two basic styles of home exercise cycle – upright and recumbent, referring to the position in which you sit.

The main benefits of using exercise cycles are: improving cardiovascular fitness, lose weight and tone up, improve respiratory system and makes you feel better. As well as being great for the legs and lower body, cycling is an excellent cardiovascular workout for the whole body – and a great calorie burner, too. Using an exercise bike can significantly improve muscle tone in both the lower and upper body, and strengthen the most important muscle of all – the heart.

Cycling helps with mobility and is one of the best forms of exercise for burning fat and lowering blood pressure. They are also very easy to use, convenient and not very expensive home fitness machines with low impact on your joints. You can kill two birds with one stone by watching TV or reading while exercising on your cycle machine.

Priory Sports offer a wide range of exercise bikes to fit your needs and budget, including additional features such as Heart Rate Monitoring, Electronic Monitor and Adjustable Tension Settings, depending on the model.

Kettler Ping Pong Tablesand Creber Ping Pong Tables are famous for their outstanding playing characteristics.

The range of ping pong tables we have selected includes models for beginners to experienced professional style table tennis players.

Family enjoyment is enhanced thanks to the permanently installed net, safe self-locking mechanisms and easy storage folding.

Kettler and Creber Ping Pong Tables  from Priory Sports guarantees the highest standard of quality and safety.

Using arecumbent exercise bikecan significantly improve muscle tone in both the lower and upper body, and strengthen the most important muscle of all – the heart.

Cycling helps with mobility and is recommended for burning fat and lowering blood pressure.

Priory Sports offer a wide range of recumbent exercise bikes to fit your needs and budget, including specifications such as Heart Rate Monitoring, Electronic Monitor and Adjustable Tension Settings, depending on the model.

Priory Sports stock a wide range of outdoor games equipment, from basketball and badminton to archery and croquet and we have everything you need to keep your family active this summer.

From humble beginnings in 1891 when a young P.E. teacher in Massachusetts nailed two peach baskets to either end of the gym and divided his students in to teams and attempted to toss balls into baskets – the game of Basketball was born. Since then the game has come on a long way and so has the manufacture of basket ball equipment. At Priory Sports we offer leading edge Basketball equipment from Reebok, fun for the whole family.

Jaques has been the leading manufacturer of croquet equipment for over a century. With better mallets and higher-quality croquet hoops, Jaques established a reputation for producing the highest quality croquet equipment.

Tennis is not just an excellent way of burning calories (though you can burn up to 800 an hour with a vigorous session) it’s also a great way of improving hand-eye coordination.

Babolat tennis racquets and Wilson tennis racquets are among the most popular brands for adult and junior tennis players. It’s important to choose a tennis racquet that complements your swing: long swingers need a racquet with less power, short swingers one with more power.

For example, the Babolat Drive Z 110 is good for players with a compact swing. The Wilson Six.One Team BLX is good for juniors and those who favour a lighter swing weight.